Our initial development of unique technology began and was referred to as the Industrial Plastics Decomposition Cell project. The Cell was intended to facilitate the large-scale decomposition of plastics, promoting a new, greener alternative way of handling plastic waste. The cell was intended to use a high concentration of the fungus Aspergillus Tubingensis to break down plastics quickly. Our goal was to produce a functional unit to be fabricated on a large scale. As part of our accelerated development plan, we were focusing the overwhelming majority of our resources on this particular project. The first phase of this project involved small scale testing of the fungus in different environments and with different types of plastics. The purpose of this phase was to determine the practicality of the cell’s use with those plastics and to determine the scale at which the cell could be used. Following this phase, assuming we saw success, we would begin fabricating and testing prototypes in order to optimize functionality.